A Friend Behind Each Gem

Behind the Scenes
Gem Show
This past weekend I attended my favorite gem show. I'm lucky to be living in an area where several gem shows take place regularly throughout the year. Gem suppliers from all over the country fly in to show an incredible array of gems, from unusual rare finds to the most popular and prevalent. 
aquamarine rebecca scott jewelry gemstones
Tray of Aquamarine prisms
Through the years, I've come to rely on individual suppliers for specific gemstone needs. I have a personal relationship with each of them and that adds meaning to the work I do. 
delicate bracelets Rebecca Scott Jewely
Micro-cut labradorite and spinel gemstones from Anil
For high quality labradorite and brilliant micro-cut gemstones, I always go see Anil Kumar and his dear wife, Negam. We joke while I select from their latest lots and they tell me about their daughter who is now finishing up at UCLA.
If I'm on the search for something new, I stop by at Anish's booth because he has the largest selection of gemstones at reasonable rates. When he sees me coming, he smiles and passes me a tray before I even ask. Last time I forgot to pack a snack (these shows can be tiring!)  and he offered me his lunch :)
raw aquamarines rebecca scott jewelry
Raw Aquamarines from Anish
I always rely on Munish to introduce stones I've never heard of and educate me on their properties. He shakes my hand warmly and stays late at the office to fill a mail order for me, even on a Friday. 
For gemstones perfect for pendants, I visit Kamal. He specializes in cutting gemstones that are ready to be set, and offers the most beautiful, large, high quality stones. 
one of a kind pendant necklace rebecca scott jewelry harmony necklace moss aquamarine
OOAK Green Druzy Pendant From Kamal
Moss Aquamarines from Munish
This past summer was a very tough for business and I was left with a number of stones I did not use. Every one of my suppliers welcomed me to exchange what I didn't need for something new.
Like me, they are small business owners. They put their heart into their work. They care..as do I.
I care that they have a good day, that the show is a success, that their families are doing well. So when I attend a gem show, I go to buy gemstones but also to visit friends, the people behind each of the stones I purchase and make into jewelry.
Their generosity and kind understanding inspires me to strive for greater success. Because I realize that my success as a jewelry designer will mean greater success for all of us. 
Thank you to all my dear suppliers and supporters.
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