Meaningful Gifts...Introducing our Mother Daughter Necklaces

Meaningful Gifts...Introducing our Mother Daughter Necklaces

Meaningful Gift | Pave Diamond Moon | Pave Diamond Star | Mother Daughter Necklace | Gift for Daughter | Rebecca Scott Jewelry | Rose Gold | Diamond Jewelry


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Here’s the truth: I don’t have daughters. And all through most of my childhood, I grew up without a mother. But in my teens, through a blessing in disguise, I acquired an amazing mother.

I grew up with two older, loving sisters who cared for me and supported AND challenged me throughout my childhood. I then had the privilege of acquiring two more sisters when the mother I’d always wished for finally came into my life.

So needless to say, I know and understand women! And the incredible bond that is formed when women are joined as family, through blood or simply through good fortune.


Mother Daughter Gift Set | Pave Diamond Moon Pave Diamond Star Necklace | Rebecca Scott Jewelry | Meaningful Gift

I also know the love that is shared between mother and child as I am now a mother to two beautiful boys…two amazing little people who never fail to delight and challenge me everyday.

But before I had my boys, I readily admit I really wanted to have girls…because women have been such a huge part of my life…I wanted to continue sharing that same incredible bond with my own daughters.

But when I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, (who is now almost 8!), I came to know love like I never experienced before. When I held my baby boy in my arms, love rushed through my body like a tidal wave and I knew right then and there that I would never look at life the same way again.

And with the birth of my second son, I understood on a deeper level, how love truly has no bounds, and how scary and incredibly powerful it really is to love anther human being so much.

So while our social norms prevent me from forcing my boys to wear these necklaces ;), please know that these Mother & Daughter Necklaces were created from a place of deep love…a love that knows no bounds and grows with each daily challenge…a love that, we as women, are so privileged to know, experience, and understand deeply.


Tell your mother or daughter (or sons if you are like me), how much you love them today.



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