The Makings Of A Home Studio

The Makings Of A Home Studio

After much sorting and packing, then unpacking, organizing and re-organizing for several months, I finally got my home studio set up. Now that I've had a chance to settle in and enjoy it, I thought I'd share it with you...

home studio

My work desk...where you'll find me the vast majority of my work day. 

Living in a city like San Francisco means making judicious use of space. I knew when I decided to move into this small (less than 800 square ft) Potrero Hill apartment a few months ago, I was giving up square footage in exchange for beautiful light and maximum efficiency. Having exceptional natural light is a must when you're spending hours beading tiny micro-cut gemstones. And efficiency is key for smooth transitions from work to living, and playing, especially with my two little monkeys :)


working from home

But creating an inspiring space that is both comfortable and multifuctional to spend the vast majority of my waking hours was no small task. Aesthetics is not only a visual imperative, it's strongly linked to my sense of well-being. (And hence, my obsession with interior design and decor!)

To keep things visually clean and uncluttered, I knew I needed to keep things simple. So I opted for all white for my work space, which has served me well since I can now take quick snap shots of the work in progress right at my desk. 

The Single Herkimer Diamond Bracelet...photographed right at my work table. 

Given that my studio is also a livingroom/playroom, I needed a couch. And as much as I love the idea of a white couch, that is simply impactical with a 2 year-old and 5 year-old running around like wild little monkeys :) So a tan sofa with clean lines that seats 4 people (in a pinch) does the trick. And a bold black and white rug lends the visual interest that my inner creative craves, while remaining easy to maintain, a key factor in a high traffic zone (the bonus being that it's quite photogenic :). And a small but attractive stool serves as the occasional coffee table (literally in this case). 

living space

The couch...where I am the rest of the time, typing away on the computer.

(I haven't made up my mind about hanging the mirror...)

Working from home sometimes means I lose track of time and forget to take a real break. It takes a surprising amount of discipline to let oneself take a breather. Or the opposite is true where constant distractions can de-rail a well intentioned work day. Laundry, dishes, bills, family matters and personal life (never mind the homemade muffins stashed in the cabinet!) all are right there in the same space with me. It takes focus and the ritual of good habits to move past the distractions and temptations when working from home. And having a well-thought out space makes it that much easier.  

taking a breather on the couch

Enjoying a little down time...


Simplifying my space has helped me simplify my life in ways I never expected (which will be a topic for another post). For now, I'm excited to have my studio set up in a way that inspires creativity and helps me move smoothly through the demands of working and playing in the same small space. 

I hope you enjoyed this little visit to my home studio. I went ahead and found similar items on the web for you in case anything inspired your inner interior designer (I'm a professed home decor junkie:). Enjoy!

Home studio picks

1. Louis Ghost Chair (I got mine at a huge discount at a closeout :)

2. LACK Shelves

3. Bantam Sofa  

4. French Press  (Mine is from William Sonoma but it seems to be no longer available)

5. Butterfly Stool 

6. Mongolian Lambswool Pillow Covers

7. Poppy Print  (One of my favorite possessions by a friend and fellow creative)

8.Black & White Graphic Rug  (Not listed above but available)


And you know where to find the Herkimer Diamond Bracelet :)


Until next time...








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