Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds

Behind the Scenes

Herkimer Diamonds are unique gemstones that are formed naturally into what we call the “diamond” shape. They form 18 facets, including the double terminated end points, and boast great clarity. Most other gemstones are carefully cut to achieve the beautiful faceting that give a stone its sparkle.



Herkimer Diamonds rebecca scott jewelry

Herkimer diamonds get their name from both their natural shape, and the location in which they are found. Only those double terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer county, New York, can be called Herkimer Diamonds.

Handmade Herkimer Diamond jewelry rebecca scott jewelry

I simply love the raw organic nature of Herkimer Diamonds and have wanted to work with them for some time. There’s an edginess to their raw beauty that complements a soft feminine aesthetic perfectly.

Herkimer Diamond necklace rebecca scott jewelry

I combined the Herkimer Diamonds in the Modern Collection with the finest chains I could find. I wanted something delicate to keep the overall look feminine, but durable.... so each piece, with proper care, can be enjoyed for a life time. I mixed the delicate chains to accentuate the gemstone's natural raw beauty but also to give the collection a distinct modern sensibility.  

Herkimer Diamond Bracelet rebecca scott jewelry

While others think of the black specks found in some Herkimer diamonds as flaws, I find they add character and interest to the stones. Since they are shaped by nature, each stone is unique with its own special character.

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